Photography isn't just my profession; it's been ingrained in me since childhood, a legacy passed down from my beloved grandfather. A full-time professor at Auburn University and a passionate amateur photographer, he ignited the spark of creativity within me from a young age. With his guidance, encouragement, and a plethora of equipment, I embarked on a journey that would shape my life in unimaginable ways.

Fuelled by his wisdom and my own relentless passion, I pursued formal education in photography, earning my degree in Photographic Imaging from The Art Institute of Atlanta in 2009. Equipped with technical expertise and a heart brimming with creativity, I set out to make an impression through the lens of my camera.

Since school, my camera has been my companion through countless adventures, taking me to the far corners of the globe. From the romantic streets of Paris to the rugged landscapes of Africa, from the vibrant cultures of Peru and Guatemala to the serene beauty of Canada, and the colorful tapestry of Mexico, each journey has added a new dimension to my artistry.

My photography style is a fusion of two passions: conceptual advertising and documentary storytelling. Whether I'm capturing the essence of a brand through imaginative visuals or documenting the raw emotions of everyday life, my goal remains the same - to evoke a deep connection and leave a lasting impression.

Through my lens, I strive to illuminate the extraordinary in the ordinary, to capture fleeting moments that tell stories of love, laughter, and the human experience. Every click of the shutter is a testament to my unwavering dedication to my craft and a tribute to the legacy of my grandfather.


  • Alabama Magazine
  • East Alabama Living
  • Magnolia & Moonshine
  • Farm & Ranch Living
  • Michael Waddell's Bone Collector
  • Outdoor Channel


  • Fall 2011 - "Merit" Award | Auburn Arts Photo XIII Juried Exhibition
  • Summer 2009 - "Best-In-Show" Award
  • Summer 2009 - "Academic" Award
  • Spring 2009 - Dean's List
  • Winter 2009 - Honor's List
  • Fall 2008 - Dean's Lis
  • Summer 2008 - Dean's List
  • Spring 2008 - President's List
  • Winter 2008 - Dean's List